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A service dog training membership community providing support, guidance, and training for owner trainers, that will keep you moving towards that end goal...

...a service dog that is trustworthy, reliable, and focused.  

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Training your own service dog is exciting, amazing, and unbelievably rewarding. 

Its also confusing, difficult, and scary.

But, it's also totally doable.

All you really need are three things:

A solid understanding of learning theory and dog behavior and the ability to apply that knowledge like a pro.



Straight forward training plans and techniques that are simple, effective, and scientifically backed. 

A support system and coaches that have been there and can walk with you on this journey, help you problem solve, and keep you moving forward.

You need all three of these things.  Maybe you have one of them, maybe you have none.

That's where we come in.  

My Service Dog Online Academy can provide all three.

It's a monthly membership site filled with videos, live trainings, and printable PDFs, all designed to help you train your own service dog.  As a member, you'll have access to things like:

  • The Core Curriculum: A step-by-step course showing you how to train your service dog from beginning to end.
  • Live web classes held every month (plus access to previous replays)
  • Live interactive Q&A calls (plus access to previous replays)
  • Access to our ever growing video library
  • Training journals

This means that:

When you join My Service Dog Online, for less than the cost of a single private lesson a month with a trainer, you get those three things every owner trainer needs:

A solid understanding of learning theory.

There is a science behind dog training.  A science as real and governed by rules as physics or biology.  Training a service dog really does require that you understand that science so that you can think and train like a professional.

With our dog training foundations module, live web classes, and live Q&As you’ll learn the science behind dog training, how to take that science and think like a dog trainer, and how to actually apply all that information to your service dog. 

Straight forward training plans and techniques.

We don’t just cover the science and the theories behind dog training, we actually show you how to apply that science with step-by-step videos.  You’ll have access to our video library where we’ll be adding new videos regularly covering everything from obedience, to task training, to problem solving.

 Not only do you have the video library, but you’ll also have both our Advanced Beginnings course and our Fantastic Focus course.


A support system that gets it and can help.

You need a coach and a community that can answer your questions and keep you moving towards that final goal: a service dog that is trustworthy, reliable, and focused.

 When you’re a member of our Academy you’ll have access to our private Facebook group where you can get support and advice, not only from each other, but from my trainers and me as well.  That’s where you can post videos and get feedback on your training, post questions, and where you’ll get to participate in our live and interactive Q&A sessions.


Why trust me to be that coach?

Because I've been there.  I remember training my first service dog.  I'd already been training pet and working dogs for nearly 10 years, but I was still terrified.  

What if I messed up, what if I failed?  What if I gave it everything I had and it still wasn't enough?

But I didn't fail.  And even though that first service dog took me months longer to train than it should have, I learned a lot.

My team and I created My Service Dog Online after years of training dogs and learning from some of the best trainers in the country.  And not just service dogs.  We've trained dogs and participated in performance sports and search and rescue.  We've learned from the top behaviorists and helped solve behavior problems like aggression and fear.  

But, it was watching owner trainers struggle to train their service dogs, and watching them struggle to sort through the huge amounts of advice online coming from all corners of the dog training world, that really convinced us to this online space was needed.

We started this site because we wanted to find a way to share both the training techniques and solutions that owner trainers like you know they need AND the skills, information, and science they aren’t aware they’re missing.

What's exactly included inside the training academy?

  • The Core Curriculum:  This is our Service Dog Training Pyramid turned into a full course showing you step-by-step how to train your own service dog from beginning to end.  Every lesson includes a written lesson and video examples.
  • One 90 minute live web class a month. All of which are recorded and saved inside the My Service Dog Online.
  • One interactive live Q&A each month where you can ask questions and request training demos. These are also recorded and saved inside the site.
  • The Service Dog Training Pyramid Video Library: Filled with videos on all kinds of training topics.
  • The Training Journals: These are videos of our training sessions with our dogs, totally unedited, and including our notes on the session.  You’ll see how our trainers react to things, how they problem solve, what they do well, and what mistakes they make. 
  • Private Facebook group where you can ask questions and get feedback on your training videos.
  • Our Dog Training Foundations video series where you’ll start learning how to think and train like a pro.

The million dollar question: What does it cost?


Billed once PER MONTH cancel yourself, anytime you want.

The Core Curriculum

Monthly LIVE web classes - recorded and saved inside the site

Monthly LIVE and interactive Q&A sessions - recorded and saved inside the site

Private Facebook Group

The Training Journals

All our current and future courses

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Frequently Asked Questions:

How does it work?

Once you push the Join Now button, you'll be taken to a page where you can enter your payment and login information.  Then, you'll immediately have access to the Academy's website.

You'll automatically be billed monthly, but don't worry, you can cancel yourself at anytime.

Who is this membership site for?

This membership site is for people training their own services dogs that are looking for a group of dedicated and like minded supportive, positive, flexible, and fun trainers and owners. 

Friendly reminder, this site is for people who are training a service dog for a disabled handler.  The disabled handler may be yourself, a family member, a friend, or maybe even a client.  But do remember that it is illegal to misrepresent a service dog.

I'm training a psychiatric service dog, hearing alert dog, allergy dog etc is the Academy for me?

We train and place primarily psychiatric service dogs and diabetic alert dogs at our facility, but this academy can help you train almost any kind of service dog.  Contact us if you have any questions!

What kind of training methods do you use?

Our Online Academy is dedicated to the use of positive reinforcement and game based training.  In fact, we only allow training advice in the Facebook group that follows inline with positive reinforcement.  

If you are currently using something like a prong or shock collar, or are using other kinds of corrections that’s TOTALLY OK, we’re confident that very quickly you’ll find you don’t need them anyway.


See what other people have to say about us:

"Absolutely fabulous material. Concise, clear instruction, step by step instructions, a methodology that can be incorporated in everyday life. Highly recommended."


"These videos have given me the confidence and knowledge to train my own service dog. I would be lost without such amazing insight."


"Your videos are easy to understand and never too complicated. You keep it short and sweet yet cover anything important we should know. We especially love that you use dogs in the process of being trained so as the dog is not fully trained. This way we can see that it takes time and will not always come easy but with determination and practice we can achieve our goal. You also give us insight to why our dog does the things she does and what her actions might mean. Thank you for making it available and easy to understand"


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